Sunday, January 20, 2019

January's Nibblefest Auctions!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 2019's Theme: Better Late Than Never

"I hope you find the strength
I hope you go the length
For even if it seems too late, it is better late than never."

~Ozioma Ogbaji, Better Late than Never

Artwork by Roopa Dudley



The start of our next round of Nibblefest begins on Sunday, January 20th! 


This month's theme is...

~ Better Late Than Never~

(This is your chance to enter any theme from February to December 2018!)





 February 2018's Theme: African Animals

Artwork by Jayne Vanessa Carle

March 2018's Theme: Nipplefest

Artwork by Diane Ursin



April 2018's Theme: Bugs and Insects 

Artwork by Christine E. S. Code




May 2018's Theme: The Cat's Meow

Artwork by Jacob Landis





June 2018's Theme: Something's Fishy

Artwork by Brande Arno


July 2018's Theme: Shadows

Artwork by Monique Morin Matson

August 2018's Theme: Fairy Tales

Artwork by Tammy Gulat

September 2018's Theme: Barns

Artwork by Penny Lee Stewart



October 2018's Theme: Owls

Artwork by Cathy Darling





November 2018's Theme: Winter

Artwork by Karen Vesk


December 2018's Theme: Snowmen

Artwork by Thea Smith

So won't you join us for this month's Nibblefest Art Contest?


Artwork by Nina Kuriloff




Its also a great month to enter for the first time with all the themes to choose from! 


Artwork by Donna Bickley



Starting on January 20th, artists near and far will gather on eBay to present their unique and one-of-a-kind interpretations of ANY of the following themes: 

African Animals, Nipple Fest, Bugs and Insects, The Cat's Meow, Something's Fishy, Shadows, Fairy Tales, Barns, Owls, Winter, and Snowmen.



Artwork by Jenny Luan Frye

All Nibblefest art auctions will have a starting bid of 99 cents!


Artwork by Kathy Clemente


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Artwork by Jana Bauman

(Please note: the art featured in this post may represent past portfolio works and not necessarily current Nibblefest entries).

Artwork by Tracy Ann Finley

Happy Nibblefesting!