Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August's Nibblefest Auctions!

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Monday, August 19, 2019

August's Theme: Fantasy Animals!

"Some call it fantasy
Some call it entertainment
Some are wary of its power"

~Robert Pinsky, Death and Powers

Art by Eliza Sol


The start of our next round of Nibblefest begins on Tuesday, August 20th! 


This month's theme is...

~ Fantasy Animals ~

Art by Tammy Gulat

"I want every fantasy to sustain itself forever."

~Melissa Broder

Art by Monique Morin Matson

"It is better to withdraw into a fantasy
that will take me on a trip into another
kind of consciousness"

~Margaret Alice, Withdraw into Fantasy

Art by Leola Goldsmith Walker




"When are we given the right to control fantasy?"

~Catherine Wagner, A Rose for George

Art by Betsy Christman




"Your kiss is as a hyacinth
That glows in twilight gold
In lush fragrant orchards
your fantasy unfold."

~Ilania Cyaala, Your Fantasy

Art by Tammy Gulat

"You live in a world which you don't know
Sheltered by your host's resolve,
To keep a place of love's warm glow
Where all 'round you revolves."

~Robert G. Page, Fantasy

Art by Penny Stewart

"But how, just how do I release this defiant spirit
For it is to cross all conceivable limits
Oh but a mask, of course a mask!
The perfect accessory for this task!"

~Hartaz Kaur, The One and Many

Art by Christine E. S. Code

"I'm a poet and a painter
and a meandering musician
and I've hopes that somehow my
Art'll pay for my tuition"

~Unknown, Another Fantasy

Art by Diane Ursin

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Art by Penny Stewart



When starting on August 20th, artists near and far will gather on eBay to present their unique and one-of-a-kind interpretations of the theme: 


~ Fantasy Animals~

Art by Lynn Dobbins

All Nibblefest art auctions will have a starting bid of 99 cents!


Art by Monique Morin Matson


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Art by Penny Stewart


(Please note: the art featured in this post may represent past portfolio works and not necessarily current Nibblefest entries).

Art by Tammy Gulat

Happy Nibblefesting!