Monday, March 18, 2013

Nibblefest 'Clickable Banner' Update: Please Read



Please note the link to the image for the NFAC Clickable Banner has changed (apparently Photobucket made some changes and neglected to tell anyone), so we have moved the link to another hosting service. If you as a NFAC participant continue to use the old html, you'll get an "image not found" banner in your auction.

The new link can be found in the "Clickable Banner Instructions," found in the September 19th blog post here:
Please just copy & paste the link to your auction template (you should only have to do it once if you use the same template every month).

For those of you who have trouble understanding how to use the clickable banner, please try your best to figure it out (the instructions are very clear, and you can also email to ask the NFAC moderators if you're running into trouble).
Please remember that by using the NFAC clickable banner, fellow contestants are also directing traffic to your auctions. This is only reciprocated if you yourself are including the banner in's a way of advertising our contest that will only work if everyone does it.

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