Monday, December 16, 2013

December's Nibblefest Art Contest Theme: "SWEET AS SUGAR"

"If God hadn't meant for us to eat sugar, 
he wouldn't have invented dentists....."

~Ralph Nader

Painting by Nibblefest Participant, Heather Sims

The start of our next round of the  

Nibblefest Art Contest 

begins in less than a week! 

(on the 20th) 

The theme for December 2013 is....:


Painting by Nibblefest artist, Christine E.S. Code of CES

Sweet (adjective):

Definition:  1) having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salty, sour, or bitter.....

                      2pleasing in general; delightful.

 Painting by Nibblefest artist, Vicky Knowles of Wibbley World

Sug-ar (noun):
Definitiona sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, esp. sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drink....

Painting by Nibblefest artist, Penny Stewart

 "Let yourself sit by an apple tree 
and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, 
wasting their sweetness. 
Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.....” 
~Louise Erdrich

Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Jenny Luan Frye

 "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, 
that I shall say good night till it be morrow...."
~William Shakespeare

"How Sweet it is....",
A Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Diane Ursin

"...The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads...."

~Clement Clarke Moore

Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Katy Clemente

"Like the hummingbird sipping nectar from every flower, I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty in everything...."

~Amethyst Wyldfyre

Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Nina Kuriloff

“I sipped my own coffee, heavy on the sugar and cream, trying to make up for the late work the night before. Caffeine and sugar, the two basic food groups......” 

~Laurell K. Hamilton

Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Rachel Biddlecome

  So wont you join us for this month's 

Nibblefest Art Contest?

 When, starting on December 20th, artists near and far will gather via Ebay to present their own unique and one-of-a-kind interpretations of the theme, 


(Nibblefest Art Contest (NFAC), the fun and friendly, monthly-themed art competition that begins on the 20th of each month, and is open to all.  Hosted via Ebay, all Nibblefest art entries start at just .99 cents -- fun for artists AND collectors....! 

Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Kathy Clemente

To view upcoming monthly themes, see this post.  For complete rules please visit our NFAC Facebook Page
or check out the information on the side of this blog....)

(*Please note: The art by Nibblefest Artists featured in this post represent past portfolio works, not current NFAC entries.)


"Shopping with Sugar Plum",

a Painting by Nibblefest Artist, Tammy Gulat

“All men are created Equal. Some just have more Splenda.”