Monday, June 15, 2015

Nibblefest Artist Interview: Kathy Clemente (KMC)

Nibblefest Artist Interview: Kathy Clemente (KMC)

Art by Kathy Clemente

How long have you been creating art (and/or) selling it online? 

I’ve always enjoyed drawing or painting and have been selling on eBay since 2004 and on Etsy since since 2010. In April of 2011 I had my art shown in the Nutley Library.

How did you first hear about Nibblefest and when did you first start Nibblefesting?

I heard about NFAC on eBay discussion boards and it looked interesting, so I ask to join and was happy they let me. Thanks Vicky Knowles!

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)

What do you enjoy about Nibblefest? 

Nibblefest is fun because it sparks up my imagination to do things I wouldn’t normally do. 

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)

Who are your favourite artistic influences?

My mom was a helpful critic for me, I could tell just by looking at her face if she thought something wasn’t quite right. Thanks Mom!

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)

Tell us something interesting about you that many people online don't already know.

I used to do charcoal portraits in my high school days but when I started selling on eBay I ended up gravitating to animals. Occasionally I will do a human with my critters. I am not good at drawing flowers, so I try them once in a while to see if I’ve improved! Unfortunately, not yet. I was a framer at Michaels for a couple years and learned a lot and worked with a great team.

I make a drawing and come up with the story when it’s ready to list.

My tag line is “Animal Art, both serious and silly”.

I will do commissions. My email is

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)
What would be your Nibblefest dream theme?

I’d rather be surprised rather than pick a theme because I’d probably pick something I was familiar with and I prefer to really put my brain to work. :) It even sparks my imagination for future work.

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)

Where can people find your work?

If you google my name or kmcoriginals all my links will come up.

 Art by Kathy Clemente (KMC)

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